Our Process

If you call to book

We need to establish which standard your pool needs to comply with I can confirm the pricing and availability and ask a series of questions so you know what needs to be done. If its difficult to grasp, we can FaceTime, or send you therelevant checklist to refer to.

We can book a date which allows adequate time for you to do the works before we arrive.


If you prefer not to have to deal with interpreting the rules, and just have a report on what needs doing, we can make a first inspection time as early as you like

Upon inspection, I will always do any minor adjustments to make it compliant at the time if possible

If it requires materials from the hardware store, or more than 20mins of work, we will providethe report with a list and quote for what needs to be done before making a second inspection

75% of pool areas need a second inspection which is why most people take the all inclusive package #1. 

If you prefer we just take care of everything, we do work for $200 at half day rate for labour This covers time to get materials, set up and pack up.

Call 1800 707 606 to book your inspection today.

It is in both our interests to get you certified on your first inspection. You save from having second inspection costs and have the job completed promptly. Which means...

You are more likely to recommend us ot friends, and our calendar is full of first inspections rather than second inspections which have less value.

If you book online

We will call you to go through the process outlined above. As we group bookings in geographic location, for obvious reasons, we will confirm if the time slot preference you’ve chosen is ok.

I really do try to make this as painless and friendly as possible!!

Click here to Book online